Frontend Development Highlights (2010-2014)

Left to Right: Benham Brothers; My personal site; Uniforms and Scrubs

Everything Kitchens: This was the most thorough and complete Magento build I ever did. Nearly every page was customized in some way, shape, or form! The build lasted an entire year and I was the sole frontend responsible for it. Very proud of how well this one turned out and loved getting to work with the UX and design departments on creating solutions.

Downpour: One of the most complex things I did while at CLS: I got to create a custom javascript class which customized and extended Magento’s form validation in order to get it to work as it did as tooltips floating over their modal forms. Also got to work on their super customized checkout process.

Left to Right: Glo-Professional; Audimute Accoustic Panels; Shanalogic


Work done while employed at Classy Llama Studios from 2010-2013 and freelance projects (2013-2014).

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